Taking the BASE tests

You can take any and all of the tests on this site as many times as you would like. When you take these tests for the first time, it is better to do so in order from top to bottom. In these listening tests you will hear tones, noises, environmental sounds, music and speech. Each test should take about 3 - 5 minutes to complete. You can do several tests in a row, but please take breaks between the tests to avoid fatigue.

Anyone can take online tests on this site. However, it is important to keep in mind that these tests were designed for adults with hearing loss. Test results may be interesting and amusing to anyone, but are not likely to be particularly informative for people with normal hearing. If you are looking for a challenge, we also provide more difficult versions for several tests in the battery. However, these tests, marked "Challenge", have not yet been tested in people with cochlear implants. Please also note that the auditory tests on this site are not designed or intended to diagnose or treat hearing loss or to replace any other medical tests.

After taking each test, you will see your score. In the beginning of the test, you will have an option to specify your email address and have test results emailed to you. If you do not want to receive your test results via email, simply click Submit without writing anything on that screen and your test will continue. When you enter your email address for each test you take, it will be used only to send you the results. You can also continue without entering your email and see your results at the end of the test. When you take any of the tests on this site, we will not record your email or your results unless you also enroll in our research study and give us permission.

Your test results

When a test is completed, you will see your percent correct score and can write it down. If you entered your email in the beginning of the test, you should also receive your results in an email. If you keep track of your score, you can compare it to the score you get next time you take the test. For example, if you receive a new hearing aid or a cochlear implant, participate in some activities or exercises that may improve your hearing, or simply would like to check if anything changed after a period of time. You can also compare your score to the average scores for a group of normal-hearing adults and a group of adults with cochlear implants shown next to each test.

You may also consider taking these tests as part of our research study. If you qualify and enroll in the study, you will be given a personal account to take the tests and further assistance in interpreting test results. We are currently creating a guide that will help to interpret results of these tests that you will be able to keep for your records or share with an audiologist. Please let us know if you are interested in participating.