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Short electric whistles
ONH: 93%, CI: 89%

Long electric whistles
ONH: 90%, CI: 67%

Long electric whistles - Challenge
Not available

Space organ
ONH: 78%, CI: 67%

Environmental sounds (Singles)
ONH: 95%, CI: 74%

Environmental sounds (Sequences)
ONH: 70%, CI: 60%

Musical instruments
ONH: 98%, CI: 74%

Musical styles
ONH: 95%, CI: 64%

Man or woman
ONH: 100%, CI: 91%

Guess which emotion
ONH: 97%, CI: 78%

Sentences in quiet (single speakers)
ONH: 100%, CI: 98%

Sentences in quiet (different speaker)
ONH: 99%, CI: 88%

ONH: 97%, CI: 78%

ONH: 91%, CI: 75%

Sentences in noise
ONH: 99%, CI: 77%

Sentences in noise - Challenge
Not available

Question comprehension
ONH: 86%, CI: 64%

Digits in noise
ONH: 94%, CI: 55%

Digits in noise - Challenge
Not available

Which sentence does not make sense
ONH: 91%, CI: 52%

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